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USB A to Type C Mini Adapter

Connect your USB Type-C devices with your standard USB cable to achieve charging, sync and data transfer. Amazon.com


Bluetooth Audio Receiver for the Car

I was looking for an adapter that didn’t use batteries and required no interaction once it was paired to my phone and this is it. This HomeSpot NFC-enabled Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Car Audioadapter works great with my 2007 Prius, using only the bluetooth media channel for my phone and the prius native bluetooth works for the phone. (prius and many other cars only do phone on bluetooth.) The connection for media is nearly instantaneous and much faster than it connected in my old Jetta.

There are other bluetooth media adapters with handsfree crap that just barely works, most have a battery and require that you turn the thing on when you enter the car which, defeats the purpose of having an automatic connection. With this gizmo, I have now been able to replicate the functionality you would expect with any car that supports both phone (my car has this already) and media (A2DP) streaming from your phone. It paired easily with my phone and automatically reconnects every time I start my car. Works great -No reconnection needed everytime I get in my car! Love it 

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