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USB A to Type C Mini Adapter

Connect your USB Type-C devices with your standard USB cable to achieve charging, sync and data transfer. Amazon.com


Bluetooth Headphones to Your HDTV with no lag

If you are looking for a wireless solution for gaming and movies without disturbing the others in the same room, this is a good solution.


There are ten thousands Bluetooth Transmitters in the market, but I hardly can find one comes with Optical In which my TV only got Toslink port. I have tried with the TVears long time ago but it got too much interference.

This HomeSpot Dual Stream Optical Digital Wireless HD Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for TV, Toslink SPDIF [aptX Low Latency supported] comes with Optical in and also aptX Low Latency coder. When paired with a aptX receiver, you get a low-latency connection. In particular, I paired it successfully with this: Tryace®HBS 950 Bluetooth Wireless Upgrade Version Sports Headset Headphone Earphone Noise Cancellation for Iphone,Samsung,Ipad Smart Mobile Phone and Enabled Bluetooth. (Black) This is a truly excellent solution for gaming and movies.

Sound quality is great, and the ergonomics are excellent. I find regular headphones to be very uncomfortable, but I could easily imagine wearing the Tryace headphones for hours.

Even if you don’t need a low-lag connection (e.g., if you are just playing music), you probably should still try to get an aptX receiver, since the sound quality should be better than the default, standard coder.

I did have some trouble initially with the Bluetooth pairing between these two devices. I could not get them to pair, no matter what I tried. To get them to pair, I had to cycle power on the box, which is trickier to do than you might think, since there is no power button, and the internal rechargeable battery keeps the unit powered up. Turns out, to power down the device, you just need to hold down the pairing button, similar to powering down a cell phone.

Note that this unit is powered by USB. If you are connecting this unit to a flat-screen TV, the TV likely has a USB port that is intended for firmware updates that you potentially can use to power the unit.

now i need to go back to my Game of Thrones.

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