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USB A to Type C Mini Adapter

Connect your USB Type-C devices with your standard USB cable to achieve charging, sync and data transfer. Amazon.com


my Pokémon Go Gears

So i’ve been playing Pokemon Go which is draining my battery by so much, i mean SO much that i have to recharge my phone every 2 hours.

One of the biggest challenges I was concerned about was carrying around something that would be awkward and clunky, I’m very happy with this HomeSpot PowerBank Pokemon Portable External Battery is incredibly convenient to travel with. It’s super light weight, and about the size of palm, but you have to make compromises it only comes with 3000mah but enough for me to charge my phone from 1% to 100% in few hours. The biggest perk is its form factor. The long and slender design makes it so easy to put in your pocket, a bag, anywhere. I can now running around the city and catching pokemon while charging my phone at the same time.

My phone feels like it can never die now, i need to keep looking for Pikachu.

And I can loan out power with this handy 2-in-1 Lightning & Micro USB Cord for both iPhone and Android users.

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